How to choose a guitar When looking for one’s first guitar nowadays, the selection is unprecedented. Not only are there more variations, and options than ever before, but in general a quality starter instrument is cheaper than ever. That said, there are some new factors to be aware of while shopping around. Why are there… Read More

Music is a wonderful thing, let me help you discover it on a new level. In many ways the Piano is the theory instrument, meaning that it is an exceptional vehicle for training the mind in not only the intricacies of music performance, but offers a uniquely straight forward view of the concepts in music… Read More

After years of low levels, Lake Lavon is finally full, along with most of the lakes in our area. This past weekend I finally made it out to the lake and was able for the first time back up to the water’s edge using one of the boat ramps at lake lavon. Last year I… Read More

Where to start? I have always had a special place in my heart for Gibson’s Les Paul. It was the first type of guitar I chose after having played enough to have an opinion. I was in 8th grade, and my next door neighbor owned a pawn shop. I mowed his lawn all summer in… Read More

I remember playing guitar in my parent’s house as a teenager, there were these little sparrow looking birds that must have lived in the huge live oak tree on the property. I would catch them perched on my 2nd story window peaking through the blinds, I like to think that they were listening to music,… Read More

I wanted to take a little time and discuss the difference between my music lessons, and those provided elsewhere. The approach at John Ward music lessons is of a holistic nature. While Piano lessons often times are more valuable than your run of the mill guitar lessons provided as far as “music” instruction, I like… Read More

Summer is quickly approaching North Texas, make sure to keep those kids occupied in a clean, productive way, sign them up for Guitar lessons, or Piano Lessons. Music lessons are a fun way to keep their brain engaged, and building connections. The other great thing about music lessons is as the oppressive heat grips our… Read More

Last night, May 2nd, 2015 I got the privilege of seeing the great Bob Dylan for the second time in my brief 25 years on this planet. Dylan was playing at Winstar Casino, so my dad and I made the drive up there, It was worth it. The first time I got to see Dylan… Read More