Hello all, I have uploaded my next original song. Its called Lady. I hope you like the demo, and if you have recording experience, or know any one who does, get in touch with me, if you would like to assist.


Its not about the money honey, money will find you

wasting away, nothing I can do or say

I know its what I’ll do, I’ll miss you.


But Say come January nothins loose, and nothin scary

I’ve got a mind, to pass it by.

And of arm chair visionaries, nothin sticks and nothing carries

I’ve got a mind to pass them by.


And I’ve known these simple truths, that

all roads lead home to you

A soft place to lay your head, the vague promise to stave off death


I’ve seen the journey through

invent yourself again anew I’ve seen an eye for an eye

vengeance discarded, forgotten on the road side


Existing in the middle, but I don’t know you from a hole in the ground

We side step all but the sound

I see ya fading but the touch of truth might break you.


But say come January, the illusions gone you’re just some lady

traded half your life to the passers by

The pomp and fabulous maybe’s ridiculous cravings, a prison lately

as a rolling stone, your life was a lie.


And you’ll know the simple truth that

all roads you travel through, will see ya faded by the by and by

see ya break down to dust and die, and I know..

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