I am pleased to inform the internet, that I have made a substantial upgrade to the studio. I am now the proud owner of a Kawai K3 piano. Everyone taking keyboard lessons will have the privilege to play on an upright baby grand piano. I am very happy, and feel truly blessed to be able to offer such a high level instrument for all my students to enjoy, and experience.

The transport, tuning, and care for my new acquisition brought to mind a dilemma that many parents, or beginning students face when deciding to learn piano: digital or acoustic.

Many old school teachers may take issue with what I am about to recommend here, but it is my experience that if you are starting piano study, and have no previous musical history, without a doubt go the digital route. Don’t get me wrong, acoustic pianos are beautiful instruments, and the digital copies still don’t capture the magic of real hammers hitting real strings in your space, but there are many advantages to digital pianos for beginning musicians, and experienced musicians alike.

  1. COST: A decent digital piano can often be had (especially second hand) for $500 or less, there are thousands collecting dust across the country waiting to find a new home, be patient, and look often at classified listings, you will find something I promise. Acoustic pianos are expensive, if it is being offered for free, be wary. Think about it, how heavy is the average piano? A SMALL acoustic piano will be in the 3 to 400 lb range. This COSTS you money to simply move it.
  2. MAINTENANCE: One more aspect of that free acoustic piano you found on craigslist to watch out for is the maintenance, or lack there of, in the instruments life. Acoustic pianos MUST be tuned often, if they are not, not only will your tuning be potentially much more complex (AND EXPENSIVE), but permanent irreparable damage can be done the piano. Piano’s are meant to be under pressure from the tension of the strings perpetually, extended periods of time with lack of tension can cause the frame of the piano to warp etc.. Repairs quickly become cost prohibitive as they will add up to more than the piano is worth : hence the free piano, that is actually virtually worthless beyond d├ęcor. They should be paying YOU to haul off their extremely heavy, cumbersome trash.

Final thoughts on purchasing a digital piano, by far the most important aspect of the instrument to consider is properly WEIGHTED KEYS. This is IMPERATIVE and cannot be skimped on. Weighted keys are necessary for proper muscle, and technique development. I would also recommend getting a full 88 key keyboard, you don’t really save any money getting less.

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