I am pleased to inform the internet, that I have made a substantial upgrade to the studio. I am now the proud owner of a Kawai K3 piano. Everyone taking keyboard lessons will have the privilege to play on an upright baby grand piano. I am very happy, and feel truly blessed to be able… Read More

We’ve known for a long time that studying music is one of the most beneficial activities one can engage in. It is easy to observe the benefits in everyday life such as increased confidence, better problem solving skills, and increased ability to focus. The more studies are done though, the more we have actually underestimated… Read More

This past month, I had the opportunity to go to China for the second time. I will post more about my original trip, and other aspects about the most recent one. In this post though, I would like to introduce you to two friends I made by pure chance, in my wife’s hometown. October 2014,… Read More

A new year looms on the immediate horizon, and its time for new years resolutions, Make Guitar lessons, and or piano lessons with John Ward music lessons a priority. Whether it is simply to make use of the new ( or old) Christmas present, start the new year off right, and make music a part… Read More

That’s right folks I’m back from my first trip to the Caribbean, and I’m ready to get rolling with some guitar and piano! Allot has been happening, I have been building a small home studio (more on that later, with pictures!) and I am truly rejuvenated after being on the ocean!   Before I start,… Read More

How to choose a guitar When looking for one’s first guitar nowadays, the selection is unprecedented. Not only are there more variations, and options than ever before, but in general a quality starter instrument is cheaper than ever. That said, there are some new factors to be aware of while shopping around. Why are there… Read More

Music is a wonderful thing, let me help you discover it on a new level. In many ways the Piano is the theory instrument, meaning that it is an exceptional vehicle for training the mind in not only the intricacies of music performance, but offers a uniquely straight forward view of the concepts in music… Read More

After years of low levels, Lake Lavon is finally full, along with most of the lakes in our area. This past weekend I finally made it out to the lake and was able for the first time back up to the water’s edge using one of the boat ramps at lake lavon. Last year I… Read More