Music is a wonderful thing, let me help you discover it on a new level. In many ways the Piano is the theory instrument, meaning that it is an exceptional vehicle for training the mind in not only the intricacies of music performance, but offers a uniquely straight forward view of the concepts in music theory. While things like key signatures are somewhat abstract for instruments such as guitar, they are more prominent, and necessary to think about in order to properly execute. Piano lessons are a great stepping stone toward other instruments also, because many times the mechanics of playing the instrument on a fundamental level are more easily developed by a beginner, or child, allowing more focus to be on the musical elements involved in playing. In addition the use of both hands independently helps with training for other instruments later.

As if you needed any more reasons to take piano lessons, but here are a few! IQ increase, more reasons.

Sign up for piano lessons today! The benefits of lessons are immense, its fun and its good for you!

Conveniently located Piano lessons in studio in Mckinney, there are some options for in home lessons. Contact me today!

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