It is my goal as a private music instructor to foster an environment of enrichment, and progress for each individual that decides to embark on exploring this thing we call music. Lesson plans will be customized to fit the needs, and or goals of the individual student. There is no one size fits all approach to learning, the lessons will remain fresh, and invigorating.

     What separates me from other instructors? Let me tell you:

 Literacy- While I am competent, and versed in pop music, such as Rock, Country, etc… My goal is to make my students literate. This means to go beyond learning this song, or that song, this riff, or that riff. I want you to understand what makes music work. Why we do the things we do, and why you like how it sounds. I will teach you more than just patterns on a keyboard, or fret board, I will teach you how to speak music, and truly understand.

  Taking lessons from me you will have the benefit of a four year degree, from a prestigious music program, not just a “certificate”. You will receive structured instruction, with tangible goals. You will have a resource, to contact any time with questions, be it music, or instruments!

Hour monthly lessons: $210

Half hour monthly lessons: $130

Homeschoolers, make sure to contact me to see about group lesson rates, and in home music lesson options!

Still have questions? feel free to contact me any time, you can learn how to do so on the CONTACT page.


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