After years of low levels, Lake Lavon is finally full, along with most of the lakes in our area. This past weekend I finally made it out to the lake and was able for the first time back up to the water’s edge using one of the boat ramps at lake lavon. Last year I had the lug the canoe or kayak whichever it was that day a quarter mile just to get to the water. This isn’t so bad but after having done that so long it feels amazing pulling up to the water and unloading everything right there.


Here is a pic of a catfish I caught last year at lake lavon, don’t worry he was released, and he is still lurking in the depths somewhere out there!



Everything isn’t fun and games, unfortunately in keeping with the bi polar nature of our North Texas weather, when it finally does rain, it brings with it hail, and tornados especially in the spring. While the rising water levels are a much needed relief from our ravaging drought, some of our resevoirs are at or very near capacity, and if water keeps dumping at the rate it has been of late, we run the risk of the lakes overtopping their spillways, and flowing uncontrollably downstream. The damage would be something that North Texas hasn’t seen since the building of the lakes. You can read more about this aspect of our good fortune and rain here.




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