I get this question all the time from beginner students, and so I figured I could help some of you out. Changing the strings on a guitar is a very simple process, there is no reason to pay someone a lot of money to have it done, unless it is a personal preference, or time… Read More

Summer is quickly approaching North Texas, make sure to keep those kids occupied in a clean, productive way, sign them up for Guitar lessons, or Piano Lessons. Music lessons are a fun way to keep their brain engaged, and building connections. The other great thing about music lessons is as the oppressive heat grips our… Read More

The Caged method was definitely an “a ha!” moment in developing a working knowledge of the guitar fret board. I discovered it while studying David Mead’s “Chords and Scales for Guitarists”, a great resource for guitar lessons. The way this method works is using chord shapes to relate to the fret board. Once you have… Read More

We have been hearing about this for a while, the supposed effect on the IQ of children forced to listen to mozart, people exposing the fetus to classical music while in the womb. While I am slightly skeptical of the effectiveness of exposing a developing fetus to classical music, there are very real benefits to… Read More

Something that has irked me since pursuing music on a more serious level, is the lack of attention to theory, and literacy in written music, with a focus on memorization, and repetition. I by no means feel that literacy in formal notation is necessary to make good music, or to be a good musician. I… Read More