We have been hearing about this for a while, the supposed effect on the IQ of children forced to listen to mozart, people exposing the fetus to classical music while in the womb. While I am slightly skeptical of the effectiveness of exposing a developing fetus to classical music, there are very real benefits to having music play a large role in ones life.

Studies show the ear training not only develops the musical ear but children’s verbal ability. I can attest to this fact personally, while traveling in China for a month I was able to “speak” Mandarin so convincingly that the native Chinese thought I was fluent. I say speak in quotations because parrot would be a more appropriate word. The Chinese would be extremely confused after it was explained to them that I could imitate their words, but didn’t understand any of it. I did experience also while in French class during college that myself and several other music majors not only did much better with pronunciation, but had a much easier time with dictation, and recognition.  I believe having these advantages transferred to other aspects of learning the language.

Beyond issues of the mind there are in fact studies that show that music can have a physiological effect on people. Studies show that music consumption, and participation can impact hear health among many other things!


Below are a list of resources on the subject you may find interesting, I hope you enjoy.

Remember when these dog days of summer hit, and the little ones are out of school, remember there is little better investment you could make than to give your child the gift of music lessons.

Keep them occupied in a constructive way, sign up for music lessons today!

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