Memorization is a powerful thing, and its been an integral part of human traditions and arts since the beginning. Memorization plays a key role in music performance at a high level, that said, it is often misused, and thus detracts from a full intellectual grasp, and actual performance of our music. Many players who excel… Read More

Remember the old saying; you get what you pay for? In general its true, I was reminded of this thought recently when a student came to lessons with a recently bought guitar and amp that would not work. They could not figure out what was wrong with the thing, after having the story recounted to… Read More

Last night, May 2nd, 2015 I got the privilege of seeing the great Bob Dylan for the second time in my brief 25 years on this planet. Dylan was playing at Winstar Casino, so my dad and I made the drive up there, It was worth it. The first time I got to see Dylan… Read More

We have been hearing about this for a while, the supposed effect on the IQ of children forced to listen to mozart, people exposing the fetus to classical music while in the womb. While I am slightly skeptical of the effectiveness of exposing a developing fetus to classical music, there are very real benefits to… Read More

New homeschooler group discounts, check out the group guitar class, or contact me for a group discount. You can also contact me at: 469-835-5812, or Make sure to take advantage of the referral program!… Read More

Hello internet, life is good, we are growing, things are on the move. I am proud to say that I have just in the past two weeks official opened my home studio conveniently located off of Hardin and 121 in south McKinney. It’s an exciting time for me, school is almost finished and my rolls… Read More

Want to compose your own music? There are a vast array of programs available in the digital age that can make composing, and sharing of your compositions easier than ever before. Finale, and Sibelius are the most popular programs available, both are very nice and have tons of features to cater to different tastes in the composition /… Read More

For the aspiring musician on a budget, or a seasoned pro looking to expand their music library, imslp is a wonderful resource. While there is some digging required, sifting through the vast amount of literature available is easy after navigating the site for a bit. IMSLP is a database of public domain music, offering different… Read More