Last night, May 2nd, 2015 I got the privilege of seeing the great Bob Dylan for the second time in my brief 25 years on this planet. Dylan was playing at Winstar Casino, so my dad and I made the drive up there, It was worth it. The first time I got to see Dylan was at Austin City Limits music festival in 2007. I had driven down by myself, and was lucky enough to have a friend with an uncle selling food at the festival. I would work most of the day at the grill, and in the evening he would buy me a beer, give me the wrist bracelet and send me on my merry way saying “don’t ever say I didn’t do anything for you.” That was an amazing festival, so much good music in one place that year, Dylan, The arctic Monkeys, Regina Specter, My Morning Jacket just to name a few. Dylan closed the festival, so when he played there were no other acts a sea of thousands of people, with the typical Dylan freaks snickering at their perceived superiority in that most of the crowd couldn’t understand a Dylan live performance… a subject for another time.


Seeing Dylan in Oklahoma was a completely different experience, my dad and I were in the first 10 rows, of one of the smaller venues I have ever been to. The Sound was great, its an intimate room. The sounds I feel like was much better than when I saw Buddy Guy, and Robert Cray, maybe the sound system has been improved since then.


I feel blessed having been able to see Bob Dylan twice in my life, and I am hoping that I get at least one more opportunity! I am sure there will be much more to come on this subject, discussing their guitars, and figuring out what that piano he plays is.


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