I remember playing guitar in my parent’s house as a teenager, there were these little sparrow looking birds that must have lived in the huge live oak tree on the property. I would catch them perched on my 2nd story window peaking through the blinds, I like to think that they were listening to music, but I suppose they could have been just trying to figure out what the racket was!

I miss those birds we would visit every day, When I went to music college I learned of many composers’ preoccupation with birds, and bird song, and I could relate.

One of these composers was Olivier Messiaen, I see another post subject for the future 🙂


Well I am pleased to report that after having had my new home studio open in Mckinney for roughly a year, I have some new friends! This time they are doves, I have seen as many as three of them, so far this is the best picture we have been able to capture, but I will continue trying!


There is also a cardinal couple living in the Ash tree out front, but they haven’t been so bold as to peek in the window, they seem to be happy enough sitting in the back, in the ash tree seats.


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