I wanted to take a little time and discuss the difference between my music lessons, and those provided elsewhere. The approach at John Ward music lessons is of a holistic nature. While Piano lessons often times are more valuable than your run of the mill guitar lessons provided as far as “music” instruction, I like to incorporate ear training, and solfeg into all instruction. Singing is by no means mandatory for lessons, but is encouraged in Guitar, and Piano lessons!

That said if you just want to learn some tunes, and have fun, moving toward your particular goals whatever they may be we can help you! Just know that here you have the option to go as far, and as deep into one of the sciences of perception ; Music, as you like. I want to foster a deeper understanding, and give you the tools to speak, not just parrot!


If you are in the Mckinney area, Plano, Allen, Frisco Contact me today!

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