I was recently asked by a student’s parent who happens to be a professor at a local college to help her make a sound file of an old piece “Our new home” (Unser Neue Heim) for a presentation at the University of Texas at Dallas. I could find little information about the piece let alone a recording. The only thing I could find is the sheet music at the library of congress which can be found here.  This will be the first time to my knowledge that the piece will have been heard in a long time! I am including a link to the Muse Score file free for download to do with what you will. You can download the files here. The file isn’t perfect, there were only a few hours to get it done, I will edit it soon, feel free to make suggestions!

“Our new home” from “Orphans of the world.”
Libretto: Isidore Lillian.
Performed by Joseph Shoengold
“Zion is the new homeland for the displaced and oppressed.”
Source: Heskes, Irene, Yiddish American Popular Songs, 1895-1950.From the drama “Yesoimem fin der welt”

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