The Caged method was definitely an “a ha!” moment in developing a working knowledge of the guitar fret board. I discovered it while studying David Mead’s “Chords and Scales for Guitarists”, a great resource for guitar lessons. The way this method works is using chord shapes to relate to the fret board. Once you have… Read More

We have been hearing about this for a while, the supposed effect on the IQ of children forced to listen to mozart, people exposing the fetus to classical music while in the womb. While I am slightly skeptical of the effectiveness of exposing a developing fetus to classical music, there are very real benefits to… Read More

Something that has irked me since pursuing music on a more serious level, is the lack of attention to theory, and literacy in written music, with a focus on memorization, and repetition. I by no means feel that literacy in formal notation is necessary to make good music, or to be a good musician. I… Read More

I was recently asked by a student’s parent who happens to be a professor at a local college to help her make a sound file of an old piece “Our new home” (Unser Neue Heim) for a presentation at the University of Texas at Dallas. I could find little information about the piece let alone a… Read More

I have decided to amplify my old classical guitar. While I doubt seriously I will forsake either of my electrics, the strat or the sg, as of this moment I feel no need to play another guitar. After having listened to Willie Nelson’s “Stardust” album and hearing the tone he achieved, I am smitten, and… Read More

High level ear training was one of the most difficult, yet productive endeavors I perused while in college. While as a youngster starting with the guitar, I did develop my ear a great deal, but wish that I had had some structure and not only had an idea in my head, but a symbol to… Read More

New homeschooler group discounts, check out the group guitar class, or contact me for a group discount. You can also contact me at: 469-835-5812, or Make sure to take advantage of the referral program!… Read More

Hello internet, life is good, we are growing, things are on the move. I am proud to say that I have just in the past two weeks official opened my home studio conveniently located off of Hardin and 121 in south McKinney. It’s an exciting time for me, school is almost finished and my rolls… Read More

Want to compose your own music? There are a vast array of programs available in the digital age that can make composing, and sharing of your compositions easier than ever before. Finale, and Sibelius are the most popular programs available, both are very nice and have tons of features to cater to different tastes in the composition /… Read More

For the aspiring musician on a budget, or a seasoned pro looking to expand their music library, imslp is a wonderful resource. While there is some digging required, sifting through the vast amount of literature available is easy after navigating the site for a bit. IMSLP is a database of public domain music, offering different… Read More